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TapJets® is a platform that instantly connects our clients with a private jet that is ready to fly to your destination.

While existing solutions are trying to improve communication between the person needing a plane with brokers and plane operators, TapJets® makes the entire process of booking a private jet very simple (Uber simple). We have built an easy to use mobile and web technology that allows you to instantly summon a private jet, bid on empty flights, and interact directly with the plane operators.

This end-to-end technology removes the middle man, allows plane operators to effectively offer their planes that are best positioned for the time of your departure. The results are the cost-effective purchase price for the buyer, and fleet optimization for the sellers. A win-win platform that is not just an idea but a working product with real revenue from bookings.

Problem & Solution

We have created a technology that is quickly becoming a marketplace for private jet charter transactions. We have solved and continue to work on the industry’s biggest challenges.

Problems with booking a jet

If you need a jet charter, you must arrange your flight by using a broker or jet card company. They pick up a phone or email a dozen or less plane operators to see if those are available for your flight. When they find one that is available, it may not be the closest aircraft to you, and as a result, you may pay for unnecessary positioning, and wait hours to get an answer. Booking on very short notice is almost next to impossible.

Problem with charter jets availability

Thousands of private jet charter planes are able and ready to fly a mission. However, there is no single calendar where someone can see with certainty if they are available, where they are going to be on certain dates, and if they are maintenance and crew ready to fly. The result is a system of many request-replies over emails, bulletin boards, or telephone, to determine who, when, and how can dispatch a flight. The race is to find a first available plane versus the plane with the highest safety rating and freshly rested crew.

In addition, there are thousands of flights that fly empty because no one knows in time about aircraft re-location to the next client. These flights are a waste of resources and profits for the operators.

Our Solution

That All Changes with TapJets®

A client using our mobile or web products has instant visibility into available options in each flight category. The plane operators use Plane Factor, our software to keep our platform aware of aircraft schedules, crew duty, availability, and aircraft maintenance history. With just a few taps on your smartphone or clicks on the web, you can confirm your flight, pay for it, and head to the airport.

The information is instantly transmitted to the air-carrier who is now positioned and ready to fly you to your destination. Our technology goes beyond just booking a trip, we can automatically book ground transportation for you to and from your hotel or meetings at your destinations.
At all times, you will have full visibility into aircraft movement, the background of pilots, and safety records of the aircraft. In addition, you will always be informed by using our notification platform regarding the status of your flight, transportation, and catering.

And if your travel calendar permits, you also have the ability to bid on hundreds of flight auctions that are sold for a fraction of the cost, compared to booking a full charter flight.

Offering Summary

TapJets® Offering Memorandum and sale of shares (or secure tokens) will be conducted in accordance with Regulation D and Regulation S of the Securities and Exchange Commission.  We can only offer to sell these securities to US Accredited Investors or Verified Non-US Investors accordingly. Issuance of paper certificates or secure tokens (client’s choice) will be conducted in accordance with Section 219 of the State of Delaware regulations.


March 15, 2019 (11:00AM CST). Pre-sale inquiries and offers are welcome


June 15, 2019 (11:00AM CST)

Number of shares (security tokens) for sale

6,000,000 (30%)

Acceptable methods of funding subscription

Traditional: Check, Wire Transfer, SWIFT Cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP

Share Price & Tokens exchange rate

$1 USD per share / $1 USD per secure token. TapJets® shares and security tokens are one and the same.

Minimal investment amount

For the United States Accredited Investors $10,000. For Regulation S non-US Investors $3,000

Minimal Cap

Min. Cap = 1,500,000 shares. All funds are held in reserve until Minimum Cap is reached.

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

Our Company Roadmap

You are investing in a project that is a real product, with a real business model, and with satisfied paying clients. We are a team that delivers on-time and on-scope. Our impressive product roadmap of actual accomplishments will only get more valuable with your investment.

Our Products

TapJets® is changing the way people book and travel on private jets.
Book on YOUR terms.

Stress-free Booking Process

No more negotiating with brokers, or handling cards and membership fees. Just like any ride-share app, you can book your private flight with just a few quick taps in our app.

Experienced Professionals

TapJets® is proud to have been founded and operated by experienced aviation professionals, and technicians to ensure your entire user experience – from booking to landing – is top of the line.

TapJets® Rewards

Earn free flight hours and VIP perks on each flight with us. Our loyalty program allows you to experience all of the jet card membership benefits without having to purchase one. From preferred aircraft selections to free catering and ground transportation. If you spend your time on private jets why not get rewarded for doing so.

Door to Jet Service

TapJets® is proud to offer car service right from your door, all the way to your awaiting jet. This adds even another layer of both practicality as well as luxury to your travel experience.

A Diverse and Reliable Fleet

With TapJets®, you are able to select from a wide variety of jet categories to ensure your experience is perfectly customized for your travel needs.

Complete Control

It’s your business and your travel – so why be forced to operate on everyone else’s time? TapJets® allows for complete control of your flight experience, from the type of aircraft you fly to flexibility around your departure. Whether for business or leisure, lose the long lines and red tape and fly on your terms with just a few taps.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Meet Our Awesome Team

As a team, we represent over 140 years of aviation expertise and more than 103 years of software development experience. But we are more than just a team, we have worked together for over 10 years and developed mutual trust and unparalleled work ethic. Simply put – we deliver results.

Eugene Kesselman
CEO & Founder
Robert Klumb
Founder & EVP of Operations
Audrey Kiefer
EVP of Sales
Vladimir Shuklin
Dmitry Eryshov
EVP of Mobile
Ivan Andreev
EVP of Software Development

The Advisory board

Michael Terpin
Advisor Blockchain Expert
Manny Alicandro
Advisor Legal Compliance
Captain Bob Hans
EVP Air-Carrier Safety
Sergey Baloyan
Advisor Investor Relations
Bo Fan
EVP of TapJets™ Asia
Harvey Nusz
Advisor, Privacy and Security Compliance

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Why are we looking for funding?

Since we first launched our platform in 2016, we were able to consistently acquire new clients by direct marketing and boots on the ground approach. To scale our company, a substantial investment is needed for our sales and marketing efforts. The results will allow us to progressively gain market share in our industry which in turn means returns to our investors.

Who can participate in our Offering?

This offering is concurrently available under SEC 506c regulations for Accredited U.S.A. Investors only, and for Investors outside of the U.S.A, it’s available under Regulation S exception. Before investing you must be familiar or become familiar with these regulations. We are required to conduct a verification of each investor for suitability under the regulations that apply to you.

Is this an ICO? What is STO?

This is not an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Unlike an ICO, STO represents a tangible security, a Common Stock of the Company, and the Company has certain obligations to you, the shareholder. In simplest terms, STO (Secured Token Offering) is an equivalent to a stock certificate issued to a shareholder. The difference is that stock certificate is recorded on blockchain and can be issued using a token. However, if you are a traditional investor, we will make a fully equitable copy of that token on paper stock certificate.

How do I interview your management in person/online?

As a potential investor, and future shareholder, you are welcome to ask the management team and the Board of Directors questions at any time. Please contact us and let us know how you would like to be contacted, or if you would like to visit our offices to meet the team in person.

What is TapJets® Platform?

TapJets® has developed a set of technologies that connect a person who is looking to book a private jet with the nearest ready to depart aircraft. While it works something similar to Uber or Lyft type of platform, the logistics that are involved in tracking, pricing, and moving these planes around the country and the world are very complex. TapJets® platform involves applications of such technologies as predictive analytics, machine learning, price algorithms, statistical analysis, and more. Collectively, these technologies allow a seamless booking process between the flier and the aircraft operators with a very high degree of accuracy and efficiency for both.

What are Flight Auctions?

When the aircraft reaches its destination, it must be then flown to the next client who may be miles away. These are called empty segments or also known as empty legs. Our Auctions platform allows plane operators to list such flights in an E-Bay like auction that ends 60 minutes after the auction reserve is met. There are over 300,000 of these empty flights available each year in US alone. Flight Auctions are the most efficient way to sale these flights to the general public who is heading in the same direction.

What is Plane Factor?

Just like in Uber or Lyft, once you have booked your flight, we must transfer this information to the aircraft operator, pilots, and other folks involved in making your journey a success. Plane Factor is an iPad and Web application that connects pilots, dispatchers, and you, the flier, to ensure consistent service performance and collaboration. Most importantly, Plane Factor has modules that also track pilot duty hours and maintenance of the aircraft ensuring that you always fly the safest aircraft with a well-rested crew.

What is TapJets® Payment System?

Flying on private jets is an expensive proposition. Booking one instantly on a moment’s notice means that a client is expected to transfer a substantial amount of money to the plane operator. The banking wire (SWIFT) system shuts down at 5:00 p.m. eastern time, leaving only a credit card as an alternative payment method. If your single credit card has high limits that allows for such purchase, the costs of accepting the card could be as much as 4%. TapJets® payment system, (currently in development) acts as a “prepaid” stable token account for a flier; utilizes blockchain to pass the funds to a plane operator for a fraction of what the credit cards would charge. This also gives a total financial transparency for each booked flight.

Why do I need to register?

Given the regulations that govern offerings and selling of securities, we need to make sure that any type of information exchanged is recorded and appropriated for each type of investor. In addition, we are sharing with you some very sensitive Company data, that requires you to keep it private and confidential. The Registration process ensures that you have agreed to keep what we share with you in confidence, as well as ensuring that you’ve received the information that is intended for U.S.A. vs. Non-U.S.A. regulations of this offer.

What currency is accepted for funding?

Upon receipt of your Subscription Agreement you should be able to send US Dollars via wire transfer or personal check. You also have the option to send Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin to fund your securities purchase. Once payment is received you will be notified by email and in your Investor Portal Cabinet.

Why is there a minimal cap?

We want to make sure that our company is viable, and that each investor can benefit from their investment in the future. After a careful review of our business plan and current performance, an investment that is less than $1,500,000, is not sufficient to deliver the results we aim in achieving. So, until we have $1,500,000 committed, we will keep these funds locked in a reserve account. If we do not reach this goal, the funds will be returned to each investor that contributed to the offering.

When would I receive STO tokens or stock certificate?

Once you have signed the Subscription Agreement and we’ve received your funds, you can then request a certificate to be issued or tokens to be sent to your ERC20 wallet address. Keep in mind that depending on the regulations of your country, transfer of our securities may be restricted for a time period. For more information, please see Offering Memorandum.

What Countries is TapJets® ready to book flights in?

Our primary focus over the last couple of years has been the United States market, with over 1.3 Million of private jet charter flights conducted every year. Currently, we also service North America, the Bahamas, South America, and major European cities. We will continue to expand our network of air-carriers and airports as we move into these markets with full force.

Who owns and operates the planes?

TapJets® partners with government certified air carries who are authorized by their respective government agencies such as the FAA, ICAO, CAA and others to carry passengers for hire. TapJets® offers these companies a technology platform to accept flight bookings and for them to have full operational control of each flight. These companies either own or lease the aircraft they fly. Partnership with TapJets® allows the operators to be extremely efficient in how they book and rout their aircraft, which results in increased profits for the operators, and better pricing options for the flyer.

How big is the market for private jet charters?

TapJets® is scalable to book flights around the globe; therefore, gives us a unique ability to capture clients anywhere in the world. With an average private jet flight price being around $29,000, (in the United States) with over 1.3 million of charter flights booked per year; this represents approximately $37 billion in gross bookings. Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Canada combined add approximately 1.4 million more flights to the total of chartered flights per year. This does not include private flights that are fractional or flown by owners of the aircraft.

What kind of company is TapJets® in the aviation market?

In the aviation world, TapJets® official designation is an “Indirect Air Carrier”. This allows our technology to conduct flights on behalf of the clients or offer flights on behalf of the air-carrier operators. We accomplish this by leveraging our technology platform that is the first of its kind aggregator of private charter operators, or in simple terms a virtual airline.

Investor Perks

Our clients are our biggest supporters, and if you invest in our future together, we want you to enjoy the same client benefits and more.

For investors of 25k or more:

You will automatically receive lifetime Aficionado status in TapJets® Rewards program for you and your immediate family members. Which includes all of the benefits of Enthusiast tier.

For investors of 75k or more:

You will automatically receive lifetime Connoisseur status in TapJets® Rewards program for you and your immediate family members. Which includes all of the benefits of Enthusiast and Aficionado tiers.

For investors of 150K or more:

You will be invited to fill an Advisory Role with TapJets®. It is the sure way to ensure that the company direction and your vision are aligned and continue to deliver growth and value to our investors and the industry. Also, you will receive a lifetime Connoisseur status in TapJets® Rewards program for you and your immediate family members. Which includes all of the benefits of Enthusiast and Aficionado tiers. You will also receive a 2% discount on our fees for each flight you book.

For investors of 250k or more:

You will have a guaranteed seat at our Board of Directors Executive Committee of your choice (sales, marketing, technology, finance) and be able to contribute to the success of TapJets®. Also, you will receive a lifetime Connoisseur status in TapJets® Rewards program for you and your immediate family members. Also, you will receive a 5% discount on our fees for each flight you book.

For investors of 1M or more:

With your commitment to our success and substantial investment in our company, we want you to have a seat at the table. You, with the approval of the Board of Directors, will become a Member of the Board of Directors. You are a shareholder, and the seat on the board ensures that other shareholders like you have a voice in any significant decision of TapJets®. And yes you will be a lifetime member of Connoisseur member of TapJets® Rewards program as well as receive a free "empty leg" flight once per year to check out the quality of our service and operation.

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