Securing the Skies by Using the Blockchain

A thought-provoking presentation at SecureWorld by our CEO, Eugene Kesselman. Mark your calendar for a live-stream.

We all know that the safety of flight is a succession of three major components; regulatory compliance, pilot training and experience, and aircraft maintenance.   If any of these components fail, an accident is bound to happen.   Now imagine you boarding a private jet, what do you know about the pilots up front, the maintenance and compliance history of the aircraft you just boarded, and the company that operates it?

In the industry where each company is responsible for their record keeping, pilots whom self-record the hours in their personal logbooks, and maintenance records that are kept on paper or in the desperate software solutions the blockchain solves the dilemma of ensuring compliance, adds transparency and builds trust.

Learn about blockchain, and how it is changing the aviation safety and audit capabilities.