Has your privacy been lost in private jet travel?

You may read news or gossip about celebrities and VIP’s using a private jet to their destinations. What is worse is the lousy handling of the passenger manifests that exposes these folks to paparazzi, news reporters, and other unwanted persons. There is very little that has been done to protect your personal information in a meaningful way. When it comes to hiring a private jet, there are dozens of folks that typically handle your information.

With TapJets you are guaranteed privacy from the moment you download our app. As an indirect air carrier, we are required to ensure that you have been cleared to fly. These processes are done on a secured network and only people with ‘need to know’ access have limited view of your information.

There is absolutely no chance that a receptionist at the airport terminal will know who is on the arriving plane. If we are providing you with ground transportation, the driver will only know the number of passengers and the airplane number.

Your information is encrypted from the moment you transmit it to our secure servers. The storage of your data is also randomized in different data centers. Then as we process your booking, we only share a digital ID with our partner carriers to enable them to conduct TSA processing. Any payment information is removed from your name via digital ID substitution. Finally, when the pilot checks you in, the pilot will confirm your ID matches the numeric ID transmitted to them.

For transportation, catering, or any other services being provided during your trip, the vendors interact with our Concierge call center; they are empowered to execute all needed functions from their name and using your flight ID.

So, as you can tell, when you charter a private jet from a technology company, we make sure that your data is always safe and protected to return the sense of privacy to your private jet travel.